#Thinking Straight: Before Starting a New Relationship…Pt 4

Think in terms of Wisdom!

In travelling to various nations, it has always been very fascinating for me to learn about other cultures.  People from countries around the world have diverse customs, ideals, thought patterns,  behaviors and languages. There is something that we can learn from each culture.  In order to fully comprehend the idiosyncrasies of a particular group of people, you first have to take the time to understand the language.

Foreign language professors typically encourage their students to begin to THINK in the language they are seeking to master instead of just memorizing words or phrases.  The process of continuously immersing your thoughts into another language requires high levels of concentration.  It takes a deliberate commitment to discipline yourself  to “think” and speak in this foreign language until it becomes second nature to you.  When you begin to speak in another language without thinking about it, then you are well on your way to becoming fluent in that particular language.  It is at this point that you could say that you have been IMMERSED in that language.

I believe this was one of the secrets to King Solomon’s success.  He rehearsed the principles of wisdom over and over again in his mind until they became a part of him.  He consistently spoke to himself and his subjects about the critical importance of hiding these directives in his heart and systematically walking these principles out.  Solomon grew up seeing the favor of God released upon his father (King David) as he governed his life by these same principles.

Solomon rehearsed theses Proverbs until his subconcious and concious thoughts mirrored these wise sayings.

Have you immersed yourself in the Word of God until your thoughts and actions reflect the language and thinking patterns of the Kingdom of God?  

King Solomon was persuaded about the importance of OBEYING wisdom at all times. Wisdom became the rule by which he governed his life and reigned as king.  As long as Solomon obeyed wisdom, he enjoyed tremendous success.  You can experience prominence and great success if you search for wisdom consistently like you would search for hidden treasures.

If you have decided to submit to the spirit of wisdom, you will discover the necessity of  “walking with the wise” and the dangers of listening to fools. The decision to walk with wise men, should then then become a permanent  “RELATIONSHIP QUALIFIER”.  It is a deliberate decision to only enter into relationships with individuals who have chosen to walk according to wisdom.  This will alleviate a lot of unnecessary drama in your life and will also give you the ability to discern the feasibility of a potential relationship.  In my book “To Have And To Hold…Or Not?”, I discuss numerous important issues that should be considered before starting a new relationship.  For more information, order the book from my website www.ToHaveAndToHoldOrNot.com

Read Proverbs daily and always apply it to your life.  Solomon said it would be an ornament of grace to you.  Wisdom will preserve you, promote you and cause God and man to bestow favor on you.  The benefits are far too numerous to mention. If I were you, I would immerse myself in wisdom until my subconcious thoughts and subsequent actions consistently reflected the word of God.  AS  A MAN/WOMAN THINKS IN HIS/HER HEART SO IS HE/SHE!

Change your thinking;change your life!!! 

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