Thinking Straight: Before Starting a New Relationship – Part 5


Today we are going to look at the critical importance of a dream from God by examining the life of a young man who acknowledged the dream he received from the Almighty.  He actually received two dreams with the same interpretation because God wanted him to know for sure that this dream was important and the dream was from Him. God confirmed Joseph’s destiny by giving him the second dream which was very similar to the first one.  The Lord knew that Joseph would need to rest in the knowledge that God was with him.  He had to wholeheartedly believe in the dream in order to endure the process that ultimately prepared him for his calling.  Please allow me to reiterate: Because of the severity and length of the trials that Joseph would have to endure, God confirmed his destiny by giving him a second dream.  A record of this true story may be found in Genesis 37: 7-9.

How many dreams and visions has God given you to confirm your destiny?

Even though Joseph’s experiences for several years severely contradicted the dream he received as a child, he tenaciously held onto it  until it came to pass in his life.  At first he was fascinated by the dream.  He saw his brothers and parents bowing down to him. His ego was probably way out of control at that point in his life.  He was young and did not yet understand the ways of the Lord. Can’t you just imagine him relishing the idea that his brothers would have to serve him?  He probably became pious and began to look at them as “poor pitiful servants”.  He had no idea that this dream was given to him by God so the nation of Israel would not become extinct during a famine that would hit their land in the future. 

Let’s look at the dynamics that were surrounding the dream from his family’s perspective.  His father had two wives, Leah and Rachel.  Leah was “tender eyed” (another word for unattractive) but Rachel was beautiful and Jacob loved Rachel more than Leah.  Leah had however given Jacob ten sons. Rachel had not been able to conceive for many years.  Finally she conceived and bore Joseph.  Because he was Rachel’s first born, Jacob loved him more than his other sons.  The preferential love and treatment that Jacob showed to Joseph had already caused animosity and strife among his brothers.  This was a problem within itself that we may discuss in a future blog.  The jealousy and hatred Joseph’s brothers had for him soared to record highs once they heard his dream.

Have you ever shared your dream with a family member or close friend and sensed jealousy arise in their hearts?  You are not alone.  Learning to discern who to share your dream with is a process, but you must learn to discern who you can trust.  The Spirit of God knows the hearts of the people you are around.  He will show you who is worthy of your trust.

Isn’t it wonderful that Joseph didn’t allow jealousy, strife and unforgiveness to discourage and subsequently disqualify him for his destiny?  The Bible says that there is no good thing that He will withhold from them who walk uprightly.  I believe the contrary is also true.  I believe that God waits to bestow certain blessings upon our lives.  He waits until our character matches the integrity that is needed for the job.  As we allow God to mold our character, we position ourselves for the blessing He has already planned for us.  As we see from Genesis,  Joseph had numerous opportunities to doubt the dream and to become cynical and bitter.  Instead he began to cooperate and submit to the refining process which prepared him for his destiny!

Have you ever considered the impact that your dream could have on your community, your state, your nation or even the world?  What will happen if you neglect to do what God has called you to do?

Sure, God can raise up someone else, but only you can do what God has called you to do in the unique and wonderful way He has called you to do it!  Most people do not take their dreams seriously.  They usually relegate their dreams to thoughts like “It would be nice to do this one day”.

Let me ask you a few questions that only you can answer:

1. What is your dream?

2. What do you believe God has created you to do?

3.What are you passionate about?

4. What makes you angry?  What makes you happy?

5. What is it that you do especially well?

6. Describe your “PERFECT JOB”.

7. What special gifts/abilities do you possess?

8. Who are you called to serve?

9. What is the height, length and breadth of your vision?

10.What geographical areas are you called to?

11.Does your vision impact more people than your immediate family?

12.What preparation is required for you to walk in your destiny?

13.Are you willing to be an ambassador for God in fulfilling your assignment?

14.What deficiencies should you address?

15. Have you found the right team for the job?

16. Are you willing to submit to the process that the Lord wants to take you through?

17. Will you remain humble and joyful throughout the process, giving all glory to God?

We have all been sent to the Earth “on assignment”.  When we stand before God, we will give an account of how we completed our assignment accordingly.  Please know, that God created you for something great.  At the right time, He will reveal His specific plan for your life.  In the meantime, get to know Him intimately.  Learn His ways and His Word.  As you learn the Bible, you will begin to discern His voice.  He says “My sheep know my voice and the voice of a stranger he will not follow.”

Meditate on these things and begin to do what you know to do. Remember, we  discussed this scripture two weeks ago:  Proverbs 16:3, (paraphrased) As you roll your work upon the Lord, He is causing your thoughts to become aligned with His will.  He will cause you to be established and give you good success.  Selah.

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