The JOURNEY: From Blameless and Barren to Fruitfulness and JOY.


What a wonderful time of the year!  As we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, let us pause to remember the significance of His coming and the fact that He came to give us life and that more abundantly.  On Christmas Day, I will present a brief Christmas blessing to you and your family discussing the significance of Jesus’ birth, death and resurrection.

In today’s blog, I want to encourage anyone who feels that God has overlooked or forgotten them.  We know that God does not favor one and disregard another.  The promises of God are available to all of us.  We may not possess everything that we desire at the time we desire it, yet God is faithful.  This blog will shed some light on the timing and the blessings of God.

In Luke Chapter 1: we read about Zechariah and Elizabeth.  In verse 6, the Bible says that both of them were righteous in the sight of God yet Elizabeth was barren.  To make a bad situation worse, both of them were very old. I don’t know how long you have been walking with God but I can tell you one thing, GOD LOVES TO WAIT UNTIL EVERYTHING HAS FAILED IN YOUR LIFE BEFORE HE MOVES. Of course God does this so that there will be no question of whether it was the hand of the Lord who delivered you. He simply will not share His glory with a man.

Have you ever prayed, fasted and done everything within your power to walk uprightly before God yet there was an area in your life that seemed to totally contradict God’s will for your life? I am sure this is how Elizabeth felt.  In those days, a woman who could not conceive was considered a cursed woman.

Zechariah and Elizabeth probably experienced others making fun of them, judging them and suspecting that they were living a private ungodly lifestyle.  It seemed obvious that something was wrong because Elizabeth could not have a baby.  I am sure that they were the topic of a lot of “hot” gossip.

As we read further we see that the angel came to Zechariah to tell him about the baby that Elizabeth would conceive and that he would be great in the sight of the Lord.  We see that John the Baptist’s purpose was to declare the coming of the Lord.  He was a forerunner and his destiny was to announce the fact that there would be one that would come after him who would be greater than him.  John said that he was not even worthy to latch his shoes.  John recognized Jesus as the savior of the world.  He knew by revelation that Jesus was the son of God and he was faithful in declaring who Jesus was.

Do you feel barren?  Some of you have been barren in an area for a long time.  So long in fact, that it looks like there is no hope in that area at all.  Though the vision tarry, wait on it.  It shall speak and not lie!

If John the Baptist had been born when Zechariah and Elizabeth were young, he may have been too preoccupied with the affairs of life to be the forerunner he was ordained by God to be.  The scripture lets us know that he was born just a few months before Jesus.  The timing was so perfect that when the Virgin Mary received the salutation from the same angel, Gabriel, she began to rejoice and later went to visit her cousin Elizabeth.  Both of them had received miracles from God and were able to rejoice together.

Zechariah and Elizabeth took the journey from BLAMELESS AND BARREN TO FRUITFULNESS AND JOY and you can too! God is going to turn things around in your life and He will make things work out for your good and His glory!  Be encouraged my friend. If the spirit of life that raised up Christ from the dead, dwell in you, he will raise every dead thing that needs to be raised in your life at the right time.  It will be raised to glorify God.

Can you begin to release praise and worship to God knowing that he does all things well?  Oh come let us adore Him, Oh come let us adore him; Oh Come let us adore Him, Christ the Lord (from the song O Come All Ye Faithful). At the end of your destination you too will find FRUITFULNESS AND JOY if you will keep walking with God!  There is no good thing that He will uphold from them who will walk upright.

David said ” He daily loads me up with benefits. The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.  He makes me lie down in green pastures.  He leads me beside the still waters. He anoints my head with fresh oil; my cup runs over…

I look forward to meeting you again Christmas morning. Rejoice!!!

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