Aligning Yourself With Your Intentions PT 2

HELP! I Have an Elephant On My Plate!

My husband and I have some dear friends who pastor a church in Connecticut.  I have often heard Pastor Paul say “Yard by yard, its too hard but inch by inch, its a cinch.”  I have also heard him ask the question “How do you eat an elephant?”  The correct answer is “one bite at a time”.  If it looks like you have an elephant on your plate, this post is for you.  Yes, you can eat the elephant that is on your plate!

Over the years, this is the way I have been able to take on huge projects and master them.  I have found it necessary to adopt and maintain this mindset throughout the process.  If the thing you want to do is easy to accomplish and is something just for your family, you won’t need many resources.  If however, you have a huge vision which will be a blessing to many people, you will need the help of God.  The good news is : His help is available to you through the wisdom of Holy Spirit, the knowledge of the Word of God, and instruction from wise and experienced counselors.

The first thing you must do is to write the vision down. What is the vision?  What is the purpose of the vision?  What will it take to get the vision up and running?  How much money do you need to begin Phase 1 of the vision?  How long will it take to build it correctly?   Who will be served by the vision? What will your clients look like?  Where are your services/products needed?  Where are your service areas?  What skill sets are required in your organization to carry the mission/vision out?  Who are your team members?  Did they choose you or did you choose them? Be careful, some people will choose you because they simply want to be in the limelight. What type of relationship do you have with your team members?  Are they loyal to you or do they have ulterior motives?  You need to have the right relationships in place to build the vision correctly.  Teamwork will make the dream work when you have the right team!  Many of the principles that I discuss in my book also apply to other relationships that need to be developed in your life.

Don’t allow yourself to become distracted and do not allow someone to talk you out of your decision to go forward.  If you are not careful, you will lower your expectation and change your decision to pursue what is really in your heart by listening to the wrong people.  No matter how close they may be to you, stick with your decision to excel.

Consider your competition.  How will your company/ministry be differentiated in the marketplace?  How are your service/product offerings superior to the current offerings that are already available?  Are your goals realistic and sustainable? How will you make a difference? Is your business relevant considering today’s technology?  Are you committed to adjusting your business model to acomodate the “ever changing technological advancements”?

What are you doing to hire the best counsel?  Ignorance is more expensive than quality help.


The world is changing rapidly.  Are you current with the changes or do you lag behind?  Because the world is changing so are the needs of families.  What are your educational goals and how will they be implemented?  There is much to say about this entire process. Stay current with your industry and above all, make sure that your clients are well pleased with your services/products. Never stop excelling and surround yourself with people of the same mindset.  Continually grow, expand and improve. Enjoy the journey!

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